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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

watercolor, 2018
sTEAp in the Word, watercolor, 2018

Do you ever fantasize about having coffee or tea with someone that impacted you in a tremendous way? Perhaps this becoming a reality is prevented by distance, fame, death, or fate. I have two such fantasies! It all began with a dream to share teatime with one of my favorite pastors, Charles Stanley. I imagine him as my wise grandfather, seated across the coffee (or tea!) table sharing a cup of our favorite brew. There, he teaches me how to gracefully navigate my way through life's circumstances. Since the lessons he preaches are rooted in the teachings of Jesus, my ultimate fantasy is to have tea with Jesus.

Tea with Jesus—it would be the most magnificent of magnificent mornings, and I begin to dream . . . .

Rising before dawn, I shuffle to the kitchen, give my kettle its breakfast drink, and put it to the heat. The sweet smell of jasmine and pungent white tea leaves awaken my senses. My favorite platter hosts a honey pot, sugar cubes, lemon wedges, creamer . . . anything He may fancy! I place the tea ensemble on a table between two chairs. Dawn casts a dim glow through the windows where we can watch the birds feed. A trickling waterfall invites them to bathe and drink. It is time. Oh, do I hear . . . ? "Knock, knock, knock."

When He knocked upon the door of my heart, I made a decision to invite Him in for so much more than tea, and quite more than I could fathom! Although the chair next to mine remains empty, I open my Bible, and there He is. Faithfully, He meets me. He is with and within me. He guides and loves me. However, sometimes He is a little quieter than I like. On those mornings, I long to feel the physical presence of the God and Man I love so much, to see the morning light resting on His beard and glimmer in His all-knowing eyes, to feel the sweet touch of His comforting hand, and to hear the words He would speak to me. His Words have the power to transform a life in any condition to be awesomely changed, much like tea leaves transform plain ol’ hot water—infused, both are altogether different and will never again return to their original state. Thank God, who wants water when you can have tea!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13, NIV)

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