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Read . . . Write . . . Let Your Imagination Take Flight, watercolor, 2019
Copyright 2019 


Create With Me!

You will need:


Pencil and eraser

Colored pencils (not water based)

Mod Podge 

Paint brush (flat 1" works well)

You may need:




  • Cut/tear a page from within the journal.  Decorated, this will become your cover.  You can get creative and cut/tear the edges into a desired shape; or neatly cut from the journal (as shown in the video), leaving its original shape.  

  • Write/draw a message/artwork that inspires you!

  • Paint a coat of Mod Podge on the journal cover.  

  • Press your masterpiece onto the wet Mod Podge, and press out any bubbles. Let dry.  

  • Coat your artwork with Mod Podge.  Let dry.  

  • You may like to add beads, gold leaf, gems, glitter, buttons, string . . . use your imagination and have FUN!  Paint Mod Podge where you would like to add embellishments, press decorations into the Mod Podge.  Let dry.  Finally, recoat with a final layer of Mod Podge.  

  • Be inspired each time you see your beautiful journal that you created from your heART!

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